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1.1 Company Profile

Chemilink Technologies Group is a subsidiary of Chemilink International Holdings, incorporated in Singapore in 1993. We are a supplier and specialist of engineering solutions and products/materials. We are also active in the research and development, manufacturing and supply of technologically advanced construction materials, and systematic green solutions. Our products, technologies, and application methodologies are trademarked under the "Chemilink" Series.

Chemilink aims to become a leader in Zero Waste Engineering incorporating technology, construction material and application methodology internationally, through continuous research and development. We constantly improve our methods to provide cost-effective and green products, with superior quality and innovative application technologies, to cater for different needs of the infrastructure and building construction industry.

1.2 Total Solution

With a comprehensive range of materials and services that cover major areas of construction, Chemilink functions as the Specialist offering our “Total Solution” for our clients’ construction needs. These include higher technical contents, superior quality and long-term performances, simple and quick installation, practical modification as well as prompt and effective technical response.

We specialize in the design, supply, and construction of airfields, seaports, roads, and other civil engineering projects. Our services include quick and effective treatment of shallow base foundations especially in swampy and soft ground areas, reclaimed lands, in-situ soil/ stone stabilization and rehabilitation as well as recycling of solid waste materials.

1.3 Corporate Social Responsibility

“Mother Earth was my inspiration. People have been harming her by digging, quarrying, burning, and polluting. I just wanted to minimise this harm.” Dr Wu Dong Qing, Founder & Managing Director/CEO of Chemilink.

At the heart of our business, is our passion to be Green. As we build our roads and cities, we believe in zero waste engineering, and minimizing the harm done to the natural environment. Chemilink Technologies and Products not only reduce the demand for natural resources – for which extraction is frequently harmful to the Earth, it also turns construction wastes, that are commonly dumped illegally and causing environmental problems, into reusable construction materials.

We also provide “Chemilink Technology Transfer Services” to the local community through technical training, construction supervision, project management, quality assurance and quality control.

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