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Essences of Innovative Solutions

Premier, Unique & Innovative Solutions to Address Civil Engineering’s Challenges

. “Floating” Semi-Rigid Platform over swampy and soft ground.
(15-year highways/roads in swampy areas without major repairing)
. Anti-Cracking Performance for high-grade flexible pavements.
(Examples: airport runways and taxiways with stabilized base & sub-base courses)
. Excellent Workability for quick build and repair airport infrastructures under heavy operational limitations.
(Iconic project: Singapore Changi International Airport runways widening, featured by . Discovery Channel in “Man Made Marvels” program and broadcasted since 2008)
. Semi-Rigid Pavement with highest performances for heavy loadings
(Examples: airport parking aprons, heavy traffic roads and junctions in Singapore)
. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (3R) local soils and solid construction wastes for various sustainable pavement construction
(Almost all Chemilink pavement projects internationally)

Customer Services

. Green and effective materials & products.
. Sustainable R&D / Project R&D with Customization and Localization.
. Consultancy services including Pavement Design, Material Design and Construction Design.
. Project Management (for SS-100 series)
. Construction Management
. Quality Control
. Site Supervision

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