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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >>Chemilink™ SS-242

Chemilink™ SS-242

Non-Shrinkage High Performance Grout

Chemilink™ SS-242 is a grey powder mix of special cements, graded aggregate and chemical additives which impart controlled expansion whilst in the plastic state. This material requires only the addition of water to produce a smooth free-flowing and non shrink grout. Chemilink™ SS-242 contains a maximum size aggregate of 0.5mm and is suitable for grouting thickness of between 5mm and 75mm. It is non-toxic, non-dusting and does not contain corrosive metallic additives.


  • All general purpose grouting;
  • Precast and presented panels;
  • Grouting in column bases, base infilling;
  • Repairs to spalled and cracked concrete;
  • Production of bridge bearing plinths;
  • Joints between pre-cast panels and other joints;
  • Grouting of machinery and turbines;
  • Caulking of joints and pipes.

Technical Data


Chemilink™ SS-242

Compressive Strength at 28 days

> 70.0MPa

Flow Consistency

10 - 30 sec

Expansion at 3 & 28 days

< 0.4%

Shrinkage at 28 days


Setting Time : Initial set
Final set

≥ 1hr
≤ 10hrs

Application Procedure


i. Injection Grouting

Chemilink™ SS-242 is suitable for most injection grouting applications; all cables should be cleaned immediately prior to grouting and ducts formed with sheaths flushed with water, the excess water being removed.

ii. Underplate Grouting
All surfaces should be free from laitance, oil, grease and any loosely adhering material. Prior to grouting the cleaned foundations should be thoroughly saturated with clean water and any excess water removed. All shuttering used should be grout tight to prevent losses and should have a minimum head height of 75mm at the point of entry. Grouting should be carried out from one side only with bleed holes suitably arranged to expel air and any surplus water. All vibrational disruption of the setting grout should be avoided.

iii. Ground Anchors and Bolting
Chemilink™ SS-242 can be used for the grouting of ground anchors and foundation bolts. For the grouting of anchor and foundation bolts the holes should be generally 20-50mm greater in diameter than the bar, and must be clean; holes with smooth sides (e.g. cast or diamond drilled) must be suitably roughened to provide adequate mechanical key. The interior of the hole should be thoroughly saturated with clean water, and excess water removed before the grout is placed. It is normal practice to fill the hole with grout before the bolt is inserted, but if it is necessary to first position or suspend the bolt from the structure of machine to be fixed, then care must be taken in pumping the grout to avoid air locks etc., within the annulus.

iv. Other Applications
Other uses of Chemilink™ SS-242 include: forming joints between pre-cast units, bedding load bearing wall units, gap filling behind panels or permanent formwork, the reinstatement of existing structures.


Either a powered paddle mixer or a static blade/revolving drum mixer is recommended for mixing, the batch size being adjusted to allow the grouting process to be continuous. Mixing should be carried out by adding the Chemilink™ SS-242 powder to the required volume of water in the mixer (with the mixer running) and mixing for approximately 3 minutes, or until a smooth homogeneous grout is produced. Optimum grout properties will be obtained using 5 litres of water per 25kg of Chemilink™ SS-242; this will yield 13.5 litres of mixed grout. Lower quantities of water will produce correspondingly thicker grouts and slightly reduced volume yields and higher 24 hour strengths, for example a ratio of 3.5 litres/25kg of Chemilink™ SS-242 will yield 13 litres of mixed grout.


Chemilink™ SS-242 should be placed within 30 minutes after mixing. Use only a fresh mix after that time.


It is essential that all exposed areas of Chemilink™ SS-242 are properly cured for at least three days with wet hessian and polythene sheet.

Package & Coverage

Package : 25kg/bag
Coverage : 13.5litres per 25kg bag


Chemilink™ SS-242 has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in a cool, dry place in sealed bag

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