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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >> Chemilink™ SS-141

Chemilink™ SS-141

High Performance Topping Compound

Chemilink™ SS-141 is a high performance polymer modified cementitious material. This material requires only the addition of water to produce a smooth and highly workable mixture. Chemilink™ SS-141 develops high strength very rapidly and has good durability as well. Chemilink™ SS-141 is the result of extensive research work and practice of latest nano-technology.

Technical Data


Test Method

Chemilink™ SS-141

Flow value

JASS 15 M103 250~290 mm


EN 12190 2100~2250kg/m³

1-day Compressive Strength*

EN 12190 55 ~80 MPa

7-day Compressive Strength

EN 12190 90 ~ 110 MPa

28-day Compressive Strength

EN 12190 120 ~ 140 MPa

28-day Flexural Strength

EN 196 7 ~ 15 MPa

Setting Time

EN 196 - 3 2~3h, 3~6h, 6~8h


  • Easy application due to easy gauging with water.
  • High workability
  • High early and long-term strength


  • Topping mortar for porous asphalt to form a semirigid pavement system;

Application Procedures

Surface Preparation

For semi-rigid asphalt pavement, surface preparation is not required.


Mixing Chemilink™ SS-141 powder with approx. 20~30% by weight of water or as advised by Chemilink principal. Mechanical mixing is essential. Mixing must go on for 3 - 7 minutes depending on the speed of the mixing equipment.

Quality Check

Check the workability of the mortar before placing.


Chemilink™ SS-141 should be placed within 30 minutes. Use only a fresh mix after that time. The mortar can easily be spread and can be applied with a spacer equipped trowel.


In hot and dry conditions Chemilink™ SS-141 should be cured with water spraying or appropriate curing compound.

Package and Storage

Package: 25kg/bag or 1 Ton/bag
Coverage: For semi-rigid system: at 50mm thickness, 23.5 kg/m2 for asphalt concrete at porosity around 25%


Chemilink™ SS-141 has a shelf life of 6 months if stored in a cool, dry place in sealed bag.
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