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SS-100 Series for Civil / Road Construction SS-200 Series for Building Construction << SS-300 Series for Solid Waste Management

SS-300 Series for Solid Waste Management
The Chemilink SS-300 Series are mixtures of bio-chemical and chemical additives, formulated for solid waste transformation and management. Chemilink SS-310 has been specially developed as stabilizing agent for slurry/sludge. Slurry/sludge with high water content and low undrained shear strength can be stabilized by addition of small percentages of SS-310 product, thereby enhancing various engineering properties of the sludge, at the same time, reducing its toxicity characteristic. Chemilink SS-320 has been designed as binder to treat the Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA) and incineration fly ash (IFA). It can be delivered in powder form with functionality to solidify and stabilize the heavy metals within the ashes prior to disposal in municipal landfill or conversion into recycled construction materials.

Chemilink SS-330 is an extension of SS-310 and SS-320, specially for land reclamation purpose. Depending on the soil properties, depth of sea level, technology and method of land reclamation, Chemilink SS-330 is able to improve the physicochemical properties of soft clays to partially replace conventional sand and gravel materials. The performance of this product can be greatly enhanced by combining both chemical and mechanical stabilizations. Chemilink SS-340 is another sub-series product for the design of landfill liner and capping system. The modified soils can act as strong barrier with high shear strength, acid resistance and high impermeability. Coal is primarily used as solid fuel for electricity and heat generation. In the process of mining, transportation and handling, due to disintegration of coal ore, a considerable amount of coal slack is generated in the form of waste. Chemilink SS-350 which is a bio-chemical product series as coal binder has been developed to bind the coal slack into good quality briquette with satisfactory grade that can be reused for fuel purposes and other intended applications.

. SS-310 series for Slurry/Sludge Treatment
. SS-320 series for IBA/IFA Treatment
. SS-330 series for Land Reclamation
. SS-340 series for Landfill Liner & Capping
. SS-350 series for Coal Binding

SS-100 Series for Civil / Road Construction SS-200 Series for Building Construction << SS-300 Series for Solid Waste Management
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