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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >>Chemilink™ SS-261

Chemilink™ SS-261

High Performance Cement-Based Tile Adhesive

Chemilink™ SS-261 is a special formulated cement based adhesive for fixing floor, wall, ceiling tiles, porcelain and glass mosaics, ceramic stoneware, brick and lightweight rigid foam materials. The mortar bonds firmly to almost every building material, e.g. concrete, rendering, brick, gypsum, subfloors. This material requires only the addition of water to produce a smooth lump-free, paste-like mortar.


  • Easy application due to easy gauging with water;
  • Good workability; high adhesion bond strength;
  • For internal and external use;
  • Premixing in the plant under strict quality control ensures consistent and high quality.


  • Exterior and interior bonding of ceramic tiles of every sort on walls and floors;
  • Particularly suitable for glass mosaics, porcelainized tiles and other tiles;
  • Interior and exterior bonding of natural stone of every kind.

Technical Data


Test Method

Chemilink™ SS-261

Compressive Strength at 28 Days


> 20.0MPa

Tensile Adhesion Bond Strength

EN 1348 : 1999

7 days : 0.4 N/mm²

28 days : 1.3 N/mm²

Open Time 30 Mins, Average

EN 1346 : 1999

0.5 N/mm²


EN 12002 : 2002

2.7 mm


Application Procedure

Surface Preparation

The substrate should be solid, clean and free from dust, grease and loose materials. On a dry absorbent surface, the surface should be moistened if necessary.


Mixing e.g. 25kg of Chemilink™ SS-261 powder with approximately 20 - 25% by weight or 5.0 - 6.5 litres of water. Mechanical mixing is necessary. Mixing must go on for 3 - 7 minutes depending on the speed of the mixing equipment.


Apply Chemilink™ SS-261 onto the leveled substrate with a notched trowel. Chemilink™ SS-261 can also be applied onto the back-face of the tile. For large tiles and tiles with high ridges, both methods are recommended for best result.

Package and Coverage

Package : 25kg/bag

Coverage: Approximately 4 - 6kg/m², depends on tile size and surface condition to be tiled.


Chemilink™ SS-261 has a shelf life of 6 months if stored in a cool, dry place in sealed bag.

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