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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >>Chemilink™ SS-256

Chemilink™ SS-256

Water Based Acrylic Sealer

Chemilink™ SS-256 is a Water Based Acrylic Sealer for use in interior or exterior applications and it provides excellent protection for concrete against water penetration, oil, grease etc.


  • As a protective sealer and dust provider for concrete floor to achieve longer wearing surface;
  • As water-proofer and input water repellant for brick walls in cases where water seepage is occurring.


  • Preventing microbiological growth;
  • Economical and easy to apply;
  • Protecting substrates and surfaces against the natural elements;
  • Resistant to ultra-violet degrading.
  • Has high water repellant properties;
  • Resistant to mild acids and certain chemicals;
  • Allowing the stone to breath without water penetration.

Typical Properties

Meets and exceed BS, ANSI and AS Standards for water repellency and water absorption tests. Moisture vapour transmission – approximately 3 – 10g/m² per day.

Mixing & Application

Chemilink™ 256 comes in 20 kg ready to use pack and no mixing is required before use. However, ensure that substrate to be applied is free from dirt, grease, fungus, loose material, algae or other contaminants before application.

Chemilink™ 256 can be either brushed on or sprayed. Normally 2 coats are sufficient and care must be taken to ensure that first coat is sufficiently dry before application of the second coat.

Package and Coverage

Package : 20 kg/jerrycan
Coverage : 0.15kg/m² – Non-absorbent surface (2 coats)
0.30kg/m² – Absorbent surface (2 coats)


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