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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >>Chemilink™ SS-255

Chemilink™ SS-255

Film Forming and Crystallising Sealer for Seepage and Dampness

Chemilink™ SS-255 is a roller or brush applied sealing compound. It can be gravity fed into cracks or injected into soil behind substrate. Manufactured from a blend of Inorganic compounds and Polymers, it achieves both surface and in-depth sealing by both film formation and crystallization. The Organic polymer is UV resistance providing longterm surface protection. Containing mild antibiotic it inhibits organic growth without endangering the environment. On application, a surface film formed rapidly, sealing off the surface. Rising moisture collected beneath the surfaces causes the other components to penetrate deeply into the substrate and crystallized, providing in-depth sealing gradually. One of its components increases the concentrates of pH to greater than 10. Depending on the quantity applied, the curing process, while provide rapid protection, will continue as long as there are active components and moisture. Where it is necessary to stop ground water intrusion, without relieving pressure, Chemilink™ SS-255 can be injected into soil behind substrate. Colloidal particles formed will be carried by groundwater to block all seepage points, up-to 3 meter from point of injection. If necessary, more Chemilink™ SS-255 can be injected via the same port till leakage stop.

Technical Data


Chemilink™ SS-255


White free flowing liquid

Flash Point

Not flammable, waterborne

Storage Life

1 year in original unopened container

Solid Content

> 40%


1.15 ± 0.04

Application Temperature

10°C to 60°C

UV Resistance


Temperature Resistance

System: 100°C, recover on cooling

Crack Filling

0.1mm ~ 2mm

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to all inorganic except concentrated NaOH and KOH
Partial soluble in aromatic solvent, recover on drying

Depth of Absorption

1mm to 8mm (grade 20 concrete)


  • One part; brush, sprayed, roller or injection applied;
  • Seal dampness by dual actions and vapour breathable;
  • Translucent and UV resistance;
  • Paint able with Acrylic Emulsion Paint;
  • Will not support Algae growth;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Fine hairline cracks sealing.

Typical Applications

Damp Sealing of:
Leaking kitchen and toilet roofs; basement walls and floor; retaining and tunnel walls

Waterproofing of:
Concrete rooftop; cement fibre boards (and surface strengthening); concrete road and bridge decks; bricks end-walls.

Application Procedure


Remove all loose materials by high pressure jetting (>2000psi or 14 N/mm²). Remove old paint by mechanical means, i.e., scrapper, wet grit blasting, and needle hammer or grinding. Stop observable water leakage by quick setting hydraulic cement compound. Allow substrate to dry until no free water is observed.

Application - General

Stir Chemilink™ SS-255 before use (½ to 1 minute). Apply liberally with a brush or roller without “ponding” or “running”. On drying, about 1 hour, depending on drying condition and substrate absorbency, apply a second coat.
Allow it to dry for 24 hours, and check for surface dampness.

If surface dampness is still observed, active water passage prevents initial drying and penetration. Repeat step in “Preparation” in dealing with active water leakage and re-coat affected area. It may be necessary to relieve the water pressure temporarily.

Application – Specialize Technique

Drill a 10 to 20 mm hole through the substrate, about 100 to 300 mm below the highest point of leakage. Install an injection pack and PE tube. Under low pressure (~ 14psi above water pressure), with a hand-pump, inject 1 kg into tube and temporarily seal it. After 3 hours, check leakage. Inject more if necessary. If not, seal the tube permanently by injecting sufficient epoxy resin to fill tube. If in doubt please contact us for technical assistance.


The treated substrates do not require further treatment. If subsequent finishing is desired, the general recommendation is as follows:

Painting: a good quality acrylic based emulsion can be applied directly to the dried Chemilink™ SS-255 (after at least 4 hours of drying).
Chemical Resistant Epoxy Coating: can be applied directly (after at least 24 hours), if in doubt a test patch should be carried out. A tie coat containing 5% xylene may be necessary.
Plastering, Screeding and Tiling: no bonding agent is needed.
Asphaltic Concrete: can be hot rolled directly onto directly onto dried Chemilink™ SS-255 (after at least 2 hours drying).
Waterproofing Membrane: where desired liquid applied waterborne and sheet membranes can be applied to Chemilink™ SS-255 (after at least 24 hours drying) to minimize blistering of the membranes.

Package, Coverage & Storage

Recommended Application: 6m²/kg for 1 application, in general 2 to 3 applications are recommended
Package : 20kg/jerrycan
Shelf Life : 6 to 12 months from date of manufacture when stored sealed in a cool and dry place


Contact with wood with high resin content may cause colour change. Chemilink™ SS-255 will not seal dynamic cracks.


Clean tools with fresh water immediately after use. Glazed surfaces should be clean immediately on contact, with fresh water if its original gloss is to be retained.


Under normal use, this product will not pose any health hazard. Protective clothing, gloves and goggles should be worn during use. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

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