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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >>Chemilink™ SS-232

Chemilink™ SS-232

Liquid Bonding Agent for Mortar and Concrete

Chemilink™ SS-232 is a special formulation of acrylic polymers and modifiers designed for use as a bonding agent or additive for cement mixes, mortars, concrete and other highly-alkaline building materials. It is a milky-white liquid with a viscosity slightly higher than that of water. Its unique UVresistance makes it very stable under tropical weather conditions, which is also an added advantage compared to that of SBR-based bonding agent. Chemilink™ SS-232 is non-hazardous, noncorrosive and non-combustible. It can be used as bonding agent independently or as a slurry with cement depending on the application.

Tensile Strength

1.5 MPa

Flexural Strength

7 MPa

Setting Time: Initial

4 hours
9 hours


  • Unaffected by ultraviolet light or contacts with water and providing good durability under all conditions;
  • No failure of bond due to thermal movements because of its thermal expansion and elastic modulus being similar to concrete;
  • Improving the workability of cement mixes and aiding ease of application;
  • Maintaining the excellent characteristics under all conditions;
  • High resistance to aggressive agents (such as sulfates and oils);
  • Resistance to low temperature; and
  • Significant cost-effectiveness.

Application Procedure

Surface Preparation

The substrate should be solid, clean and free from dust, grease and loose materials. On a dry absorbent surface, the surface should be moistened to attain SSD (surface saturated dry).


For use by Chemilink™ SS-232 itself, stir the contents well before use. Do not mix anything else with Chemilink™ SS-232. For use as bonding slurry, blend Ordinary Portland Cement into Chemilink™ SS-232 in the ratio of 1:2 and mix with a trowel or mixer attachment in a slow speed drill (≥ 1,300 rpm) until a smooth lump-free slurry is produced. Do not over mix.


Apply Chemilink™ SS-232 by brush onto the prepared damp surface. Work the bonding agent well into the pores of the substrate. Avoid puddles. Do not exceed 2mm thickness when applying slurry. Apply the mortar/concrete while the bonding agent is still wet. If the bonding agent has dried, apply one more coat just before laying the mortar or concrete.


In hot and dry conditions the mortar and concrete should be cured with water spraying during the first 7 days.

Package, Coverage, and Storage

Package : 20kg/jerrycan or 200kg/drum
Coverage : 0.1-0.2kg/m2 depending on surface texture and porosity.
Shelf Life : 6 to 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored sealed in a dry and cool place.

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