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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >>Chemilink™ SS-231

Chemilink™ SS-231

Polymer Modified Repair Mortar for Concrete

Chemilink™ SS-231 is a two parts, pre-packed, pre-weighed polymer modified cementitious repair mortar used for patching, repairing, filling and leveling of reinforced concrete or any cementitious surfaces. Part A is mixed completely with Part B to form a high strength, cohesive and durable water resistant mortar. It is a quality controlled high performance composition which will achieve high compressive strength characteristics. The presence of a copolymer ensures an excellent bond to most surfaces and enhances properties such as impermeability, flexural and tensile strengths.

Technical Data

Fresh Density


Typical Compressive Strength
at 7 days
at 28 days

30 MPa
40 MPa

Tensile Strength

1.5 MPa

Flexural Strength

7 MPa

Setting Time: Initial

4 hours
9 hours



  • As a patching mortar for spalling concrete, worn out surface of wall renderings or floor screeding;
  • It can also be used as a thin-set bedding material for bedding ceramic tiles and all natural or manmade stone;
  • For repair of honey combed concrete, after the formwork have been removed;
  • As a crack filler and also as a general mortar for thin-bed or thick-bed tile adhesive installation.

Application Procedure

Surface Preparation

The substrates must be clean and sound, free of dust and loose particles. Surface must be primed with Chemilink™ SS-232 to achieve maximum results prior to patching.


Pour Chemilink™ SS-231B (Part B, liquid) into a clean container and stir/mix with a low speed drill fitted with a custom-made paddle. Pour Chemilink™ SS-231A (Part A, powder) slowly into Part B taking care to mix thoroughly until homogenous and lump free.

Placing and Finishing

Apply Chemilink™ SS-231 with a trowel and press hard. Build up to the maximum thickness in a series of thin layers, applying the next layer once the preceding layer has stiffened, but not set. The thickness of the Chemilink™ SS-231 layer in a single application should not exceed: 40 mm vertically; 35 mm overhead.

Package, Coverage, and Storage

Package : Part A (Powder) - 25 kg; Part B (Liquid) – 4.5 kg.
Coverage : Approximately 1.6 to 2kg/m² at 1mm thickness.
Shelf Life : 6 to 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored sealed in a cool and dry place

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