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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >> Chemilink™ SS-222 Normal Setting

Chemilink™ SS-222 Normal Setting

Cement-Based Self-Leveling Compound

Chemilink™ SS-222 is a grey powder mix of special cements, synthetic materials with a good dispersing effect and well chosen filling materials. This material requires only the addition of water to produce a smooth free-flowing and self-leveling mix. It is designed to provide surfaces with a thickness of 3mm to 10mm. The mortar hardens by hydration and drying into a stress free compound. The development of cracks virtually be excluded. Chemilink™ SS-222 is the result of extensive research, development and commercial trials and is manufactured under strict quality control.

Technical Data


Test Method

Chemilink™ SS-222

Compressive Strength at 28 days

ASTM C349:1995
  • > 30.0 MPa

Abrasion Resistance

  • Max 1750mm³

Tensile Adhesion Bond Strength

ASTM D4541 : 1989
  • > 1 MPa

Slip Resistance

BCRA – Using Tortus Floor Friction Tester
  • > 0.75 (dry condition)
  • > 0.65 (wet condition)

Dart Impact

ASTM D2614 : 1990
  • No Crack, ø max 7mm


ASTM C157 : 1989
  • Max ± 0.05%


  • Leveling of concrete floors and ceilings, cement screeds, anhydride screeds, tiles and slabs in thick layers;
  • For all areas, prior to laying of floor coverings; as wearing surface in basements, lobby and playrooms, corridors, attics, storage rooms, halls and workshops, with moderate impact stress.


  • Easy application due to easy gauging with water.
  • Economical due to quick easy laying and rapid hardening.
  • High bonding and compressive strength.
  • Can be used directly on concrete floor to provide smooth surface.

Application Procedure

Surface Preparation

The substrate should be solid with certain roughness, clean and free from dust, grease and loose materials. On dry absorbent surface, the surface should be moistened if necessary. For better results, Chemilink™ SS-232 (20% or 35%) Liquid Bonding Agent is applied as two coating layers at an hardened, it is recommended to put another coat on the interval 2 hrs for surface preparation. After it had surface to provide resistant to shrinkage.


Mixing e.g. 25kg of Chemilink™ SS-222 powder with approximately 20 - 25% by water or 5.5 – 6.5 litres of water. Mechanical mixing is recommended. Mixing must go on for 3 – 7 minutes depending on the speed of the mixing equipment.


Chemilink™ SS-222 should be placed within 30 minutes after mixing. Use only a fresh mix after that time. The mortar can easily be spread and applied with a spacer equipped trowel.


In hot and dry conditions Chemilink™ SS-222 should be cured with water spraying or appropriate curing compound.

Package and Coverage

Package : 25kg/bag
Coverage : 1.5 – 1.8kg/m² at 1mm thickness
Shelf Life : 6 to 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored sealed in a dry and cool place

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