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Our Products >> SS-200 Series for Building Construction >> Chemilink™ SS-108

Chemilink™ SS-108

Soil Stabilizing Agent
Chemilink™ SS-108 is a polymer modified cementitious chemical binder delivered in fine powder form. It has specially been developed to improve problematic soil conditions in tropical areas with frequent rainfall or high water table resulting in unsuitable, weak, or peaty soils. Chemilink™ SS-108 sub-series includes similar but independent products to treat most known soils at different conditions.

Chemilink™ SS-108 has successfully been utilized in many projects involving airport runways, highways, shipyard platforms, public/private roads and parking yards in Asia, mainly in the South-East Asia region since 1994. It has been verified by many countries’ authorities and endorsed in some countries’ public works specifications.

Technical Data Range (Stabilized Soils)

Soil Types

Dosage (%)

CBR* (%)

UCS* (MPa)

Permeability (m/s)

Sandy/ Silty/ Clayey Soils 2 to 4 30 to 300 0.7 to 5.0 10-7 to 10-11

* 7-day curing or 4-day continuous soaking

Road Cross Section

Stabilized Soil Samples

Bare Road Surface



  • To improve and maintain the soaked strengths of soils and thereby to improve the bearing capacity of sub-grade or stabilized soil through binding of soil particles and immediate chemical reaction with soils;
  • To form a semi-rigid platform with a certain tensile strength and thereby reduce total and differential settlements;
  • To decrease the compressibility and permeability of soils and to provide anti-cracking effect, thereby reducing or eliminating potential damages due to swelling, shrinkage and seepage; and
  • To improve the long-term performance of soils.


  • Directly improves the in-situ soil and minimize the usage and transportation of imported fill materials, thus protecting the natural environment and reduce costs;
  • To maintain the strengths of stabilized soils in soaking conditions and achieve long-term pavement performance especially in low-lying, flood prone and swampy areas; Easy and fast soil stabilization procedures enable contractors to complete the project in a shorter period of time than conventional construction method. Furthermore, the construction procedure takes into consideration of wet weather factors to eliminate possible complications caused by rain;
  • The application results of Chemilink™ soil stabilization are effective and reliable with a proper quality control. Chemilink™ SS-108 has been designed to treat most known soils and is especially effective and economical for sandy and silt soils;
  • The resulted “platform effect” can significantly reduce total settlements and minimize differential settlements;
  • The anti-cracking effect, lower permeability and compressibility are the major factors to maintain long-term performance of pavement; and
  • The chemicals are environmentally and ozone friendly.

Typical Applications

Chemilink™ SS-108 stabilized soils/quarries can be used as base course, sub-base course and improved sub-grade for:

  • Airport runways, taxiways, services roads and parking areas;
  • Highways, expressways, main national/city roads;
  • Normal public roads;
  • Rural/plantation roads and construction/temporary roads (without surface layer);
  • Various road shoulders;
  • Shipyards, ports, railways, loading yards, parking bays and etc;
  • Shallow base foundations; and
  • Other

Construction Procedure

  • Spreading - Chemilink™ SS-108 on the ground to be stabilized;
  • Mixing - Chemilink™ SS-108 with the in-situ soil; and
  • Compaction - Better results can be achieved if using a Central Mixing Plant.
Mechanical Spreading Mixing by Stabilizer Compaction 1
Manual Spreading Mixing by Rotorvator Compaction 2

Package and Storage

Package : 25kg/bag, 800 bags/20ft. FCL or 1T/bag, 20 bags/20ft, FCL
Shelf Life : 6 to 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored sealed in a dry and cool place


Wear gloves and goggles while handling the product. Any contact with the skin or eyes should be washed off with clean water. In the event of prolonged irritation, seek medical advice. Powder products should be handled with care to minimize dust formation. Use a light mask if excessive dusting is unavoidable.

Examples of Projects

Project in Brunei Project in Indonesia Project in Malaysia Project in Singapore
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